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Taking Aim

Taking Aim

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Poodle Network, a magazine that aims to unite people from all facets of this wonderful breed into one cohesive group with a desire to promote, preserve and protect the Poodle breed. In other words, we are a network of people with like hobbies and goals.

My staff and I have many great ideas in store for future issues. We cannot wait to share our passion for Poodles, dog shows, performance events, grooming, advancements in health and more! We are confident that our strong journalistic component coupled with our brilliant ad design will have you glued to our pages. With every issue we publish, our aim is to leave you wanting more, like in the days before digital media when we would anxiously check the mailbox hoping to have received the latest edition of our favorite magazine.

So, let’s get down to business and help you get to know me.

A native of Canada, I grew up in a small mountain town south of Calgary, Alberta. My childhood was primarily spend riding horses competitively, and of course we always had a dog or two in our home. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I entered into the realm of dog shows. Since 1995 I have been actively involved in breeding and exhibiting Dobermans, and when
I met my husband Greg McLogan in 2002, thus began my involvement with Weimaraners. We have enjoyed varying degrees of success in these two breeds throughout the years, and continue to work hard to produce and show what we believe are the best examples of our breeds.

While it undoubtedly sounds cliche for me to say, “I’ve always wanted a Poodle, if it wasn’t for the hair,” that is the absolute truth! I typically quip that the dogs I show have to be able to be groomed with a clipper, a dremel and some thinning sheers (for those random cowlicks, of course!). I do, however, have a tremendous appreciation for and am secretly envious of the skill and art of doing hair and doing it well. We all have our strengths, and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to put scissors, bands and hairspray in my tack box just yet. But… you never know!

For now, I will focus on YOU…

the people who have been in this breed for many years. I want to get to know each of you personally and understand what is important to you in dogs and in your breed magazine. I will make it a priority to know you, your kennel name, your dogs, and even your pedigrees. These things are important to me because I believe the success of a magazine is in its network of people.

The Poodle Network is the second magazine that we have published, our first being the highly successful Doberman Network. We are excited to bring our knowledge of journalism and publishing to the Poodle world. We believe in offering inclusive opportunities to bring the new and the old together for both historical and educational reasons, and our goal is to keep raising the bar and bring you one issue after the next, full of fresh and exciting information! Together, we are confident that you will love our product.

Be sure to stop by our booth at PCA, pick up your magazine and introduce yourself. We will have plenty of goodies for you, as well as a fabulous drawing, with all the proceeds going to PCA. If you have ideas for us, don’t be shy. We want to hear your opinions and want this to be an inclusive publication, open to all!

We are already looking forward to our next issue!

Your TOTAL breed magazine for the Poodle fancy.